It’s still National Library Week. You should be especially nice to a librarian today, or tomorrow. Sometime this week, anyway. Probably the librarians would like tea. Or chocolates. Or a reliable source of funding.

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All of the above, Neil Gaiman. All of the above.

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gansey and adam enjoying a storybook

ngl, this issue came in our mail today and I stole it to read before my husband, because TOM HARDY. 


"So I ain’t shaving my beard for you."

Tom Hardy photographed by Greg Williams for Esquire US (May 2014) | original photos (x) 

We asked Hardy to shave his beard first, so that he would be recognizable. And here’s what he said:

"Don’t get me wrong, there is part of me that wants to win an Oscar and wants to be on the front cover of a magazine and all that kind of stuff, but there’s also a part of me that really doesn’t. I’m not the guy you need—I’m not a role model. Don’t look too deep, because after you scratch the surface you are going to find out that I’m normal and I’ve got skeletons in my closet.

"But my intentions are good, and if you want to talk to me about the work, or if you want to work with me on something, then I hope you find that I’m a reliable team player. But you have to be as open and honest about it as I am, because you will be fucking judged, as I’ve been. But let’s have some fun! Some people will hate you, some people will like you, but then most people are completely indifferent about the fuck of my ideas and why the fuck he’s even being talked to. Who the fuck is this guy with the crooked teeth and the beard? He’s fucking ugly. Nobody buys a magazine with a beard on the front.

"So I ain’t shaving my beard for you. To shave my beard off would be to cut my fucking nuts off. You know what I mean? And give them to you to sell—to prove that I am a man. But without them, I am no longer. You sold them! And I am now a lie. Why would I do that? Oh, I’m a serious actor. Yes, I am. I cut my beard off, how do I look?

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I love when Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about the naked molerats of the micro-world. 

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I love the way that you wrote Blue; writing female characters in YA is a tricky task since most writers tend to dumb them down to a few traits/make them walking drones that just carry the plot. Who are some of your favorite female protagonists in YA that you DIDN'T write?
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Code Name Verity is stone-cold awesome and the girl characters in it are amazing amazing amazing also there are planes and torture.

That came out wrong.

This is how I will describe Code Name Verity when I give out copies for World Book Night. 

Let’s all pretend that Chilton is secretly alive and Will is lying to Hannibal just to keep him safe and anonymous until Chilton is ready to institutionalize that mofo.



Sometimes I remember that the Velveteen Rabbit only barely escaped being burned to death and I am OUTRAGED. 

I need this in my life

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Sometimes, after looking at the Hannibal tag, I look at the hamster tag to feel better. 



The bloody, brutal, incestuous history of the hamster. By Andy Warner.